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6 Ways You Can Increase Your Ecommerce Home Page Click-Through Rate

Driving revenue in the highly competitive ecommerce market is a challenge. 

Incomplete or outdated product descriptions, a confusing order process, and other poorly designed UX elements will drive customers away and drain the investment you’ve made in your online store. 

However, there may be a simple reason you’re not seeing higher conversions: few click-throughs for your ecommerce home page. 

Heavy landing page traffic (without a robust click-through rate) is similar to a department store with numerous visitors in its lobby—instead of numerous shoppers browsing its aisles.   

To increase your ecommerce home page click-through rate, you’ll want to use strategies that drive visitors to visit specific product pages. 

Keep reading for six tips to help you transform visitors into revenue-generating customers.  

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RSForm! Pro Conversion Goal Tracking with Google Analytics


RSForm! PRO is a robust form platform for Joomla that can handle most of the tough challenges of todays digital marketers. Tracking AJAX or responsive forms can sometimes be tricky, Specially conversion tracking and conversion goal setting in Google Analytics.


How RSForm Pro and Conversion Tracking Issue

RSForm! Pro loads the “thank you” message on the same page as the form itself which makes it hard to set conversion goals in Google Analytics due to the lack of a unique page as Thank-You page. Without a unique page, you can’t submit a unique URL as destination to your conversion goal settings in Google Analytics.

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