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How to Clarify Your Message: Our 9-Point Ecommerce Home Page Conversion Checklist 

If your online store has a steady stream of traffic—but a weak stream of revenue—you know firsthand how challenging it can be to pinpoint your underlying problems. 

To improve your ecommerce conversion rate, you may begin to analyze your products and reconsider your offerings. 

But before you start dropping your prices, you need to analyze your online store for a flaw that can drain your revenue: a home page message that’s less than clear. 

All too often, ecommerce home pages are fuzzy, confusing, and cluttered. 

These pages force visitors to become researchers if they want to know who the company is, what the company provides, and the results they can experience. In the end, conversions are low because confusion is high. 

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Optimize Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate: 3 Audience Characteristics to Drive Your Numbers

As an ecommerce business owner, you know that optimizing your ecommerce conversion rate is vital if you want your online business to thrive.

After all, your website is no different from a brick and mortar store. Your revenue depends on creating a seamless shopping experience and ensuring your customers check out with a cart that’s loaded with items from your virtual aisles.

Before any of this even happens, your first task is transforming casual visitors into potential customers with an attention-grabbing, positive first impression. The reason is simple: what your customers initially perceive can determine how likely they are to pull out their wallets.

This undeniable fact means that optimization often begins with your home page.

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RSForm! Pro Conversion Goal Tracking with Google Analytics


RSForm! PRO is a robust form platform for Joomla that can handle most of the tough challenges of todays digital marketers. Tracking AJAX or responsive forms can sometimes be tricky, Specially conversion tracking and conversion goal setting in Google Analytics.


How RSForm Pro and Conversion Tracking Issue

RSForm! Pro loads the “thank you” message on the same page as the form itself which makes it hard to set conversion goals in Google Analytics due to the lack of a unique page as Thank-You page. Without a unique page, you can’t submit a unique URL as destination to your conversion goal settings in Google Analytics.

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