The Essential Guide To Online Review Management – Using Online Reviews As A Marketing Tool

The Powerful Impact of Online Reviews

Online reviews are replacing testimonials as the go-to resource for consumers to research local businesses. Reviews provide great insight into what you can expect if you decide to do business with a local company. Whether you are looking for a place to eat, a new doctor, or a renovation company to help you with home repairs, online reviews provide your customers with valuable information.

Your customers are reading your reviews online, and if you run a business, there is a great chance that consumers are writing reviews about your company, as well. In fact, according to a recent Local Consumer Review Survey, 85% of consumers say that they read online reviews for local businesses. (more…)

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Optimize Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate: 3 Audience Characteristics to Drive Your Numbers

As an ecommerce business owner, you know that optimizing your ecommerce conversion rate is vital if you want your online business to thrive.

After all, your website is no different from a brick and mortar store. Your revenue depends on creating a seamless shopping experience and ensuring your customers check out with a cart that’s loaded with items from your virtual aisles.

Before any of this even happens, your first task is transforming casual visitors into potential customers with an attention-grabbing, positive first impression. The reason is simple: what your customers initially perceive can determine how likely they are to pull out their wallets.

This undeniable fact means that optimization often begins with your home page. (more…)

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6 Ways You Can Increase Your Ecommerce Home Page Click-Through Rate

Driving revenue in the highly competitive ecommerce market is a challenge. 

Incomplete or outdated product descriptions, a confusing order process, and other poorly designed UX elements will drive customers away and drain the investment you’ve made in your online store. 

However, there may be a simple reason you’re not seeing higher conversions: few click-throughs for your ecommerce home page. 

Heavy landing page traffic (without a robust click-through rate) is similar to a department store with numerous visitors in its lobby—instead of numerous shoppers browsing its aisles.   

To increase your ecommerce home page click-through rate, you’ll want to use strategies that drive visitors to visit specific product pages. 

Keep reading for six tips to help you transform visitors into revenue-generating customers.   (more…)

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