Relying on web intelligence data like a set of theories, traffic channel stats, bounce information, customer behavior and connecting device technologies, conversion experts at AgileGrow took the raw data and developed useful and meaningful information to build a landing page that improved user engagement and conversions.

Hero Patches - Conversion Rate

Figure 1

The experiment we designed through a series of 6 MVT tests won right on spot within the first day producing 440% improvement while the original was still at Zero conversion. That’s why the Form Conv. goal shows 4.4% lift while the improvement is 0% since mathematically 0 is not a number to provide improvement upon.

Hero Patches - Conversion Rate

440% Lift in Landing page Conversions for Custom Patches Website Using Web Intelligence Data

With web intelligence data driving an improved home page design that focused consumer attention on the most important elements, Hero Patches improved conversions by 400 percent. Custom Patches turned to experts employing a radical new conversion methodology based on science.

Hero Patches - Conversion Rate

Figure 2

We let the test run even after it was considered a winner (Data was statistically significant after day 1.) to further measure the performance. The result stayed the same and almost all variations were winners from %28 conversion improvement to 247% conversion lift for the same winning experiment at 94% chance to beat the baseline.

The Client: Hero Patches

Custom patch manufacturer takes orders from customers around the world, creating custom patch designs for bikers, colleges, firefighters, martial arts, police, security professionals, military personnel, Girl Scout troops and more. The company relied heavily on their website to convert traffic into leads and sales, since many customers learn about and interact with the company and its product via the internet only.

The Business Need

Hero Patches’ claim to fame is that it can create high quality patches at a very low price, so its primary goal for sales revenue involves getting site visitors to fill in an opt-in form to get a free quote. To increase conversions, the company needed to create a home page with visual components and written content that showcased relevant information potential customers needed, powered by statistical data that documented how visitors actually used the site.

Hero Patches - Conversion Rate

This is the mouse movement heat map of the landing page. We collected data from mouse movement, mouse clicks, attention maps and scroll reach to create a map of user behavior and better understand the flow.

The page redesign would depend on statistical data collected via Google Analytics, and data like mouse movement patterns, click patterns, user behavior, scroll reach, attention modeling, searcher persona and prospect intent. Combined, this data would lay the foundation for the visual design of and content on the page.

The successful product would engage visitors without distracting their attention from the most essential page components, while highlighting the opt-in form, which served as the Holy Grail that collected the data of potential customers. Ultimately, all of the page components would point to the form, allowing customers to connect with the images and content, but never point users away from the form.

The Solution

Hero Patches worked with AgileGrow to collect the necessary data and redesign the home page. We focused our efforts initially on gathering data via analysis platforms and paid ad copy and offers.

First, we collected data on visitor intent through analyzing user behavior patterns, monitoring pages that users visit and watching where they drop off (close a page or “bounce”). Then, we analyzed the paid ad data, cross-referencing it with the data from user behavior patterns. The combined analysis let us create a data flow that connected three critical factors: Searcher Persona to Ad Copy and Intention to Ad Relevancy and Engagement.

Next, we focused on usability statistics, mouse movement and click patterns. With the data we collected from analysis platforms, which included scroll reach and landing page visits, we were able identify the components on the page to which users were most attracted. As a result, we were able to highlight the value proposition that Hero Patches offers to potential customers through the page’s design. The data-driven results combined with user behaviors enabled us to design a site that appealed to the masses, in spite of the high level of paid traffic the page was getting.

The Result

Testing the product through six variations and multivariate testing, we identified the creative that promoted a 440 percent lift in conversion rates in less than one day.

Hero Patches - Conversion Rate

Figure 4-1

All variations tested against the original page produced outstanding results. This is up to 3 times more submissions than the original landing page.

Hero Patches - Conversion Rate

Figure 5

The winning variation is basically a data driven design with each element carrying a message to improve form engagement and satisfy the user intend.

The redesigned page featured the value proposition along with key product items to convey a precise message to website visitors. With the vast data collected, we could hone in on the exact page components that visitors were attracted to, and feature these components in the final design through the use of color, position, size, alignment and scalability.

The strategic placement of items on the page promoted an effective page flow, a factor critical to its performance. In one of the variations, the flow of the page’s components led users’ eyes in a V-shaped pattern—starting from the top of the page to the bottom, and then up to the top, right-hand side, where the “Free Quote” offer is positioned. (See Figure 6)

Hero Patches - Conversion Rate

Figure 6

In the best-performing variation, the page components led users’ eyes in an F-shape pattern—down the left side, to the right, and then across the page again. Research shows this is the natural way the eye moves across a page—and it’s also the quickest way to digest information. On this page (see figure 7), the eye moves from the product on the left, where the eye naturally lands, and then moves to the right, where the hook “Get Me the Best Price” resides. Then, the eye moves back to a product/patch, and moves again to the right to “Get a Free Quote.” All of these components were strategically placed according to the data analysis.

Hero Patches - Conversion Rate

Figure 7

If you follow the lines closely, you’ll notice a small number besides each turn in the line. This basically models the attention which is very close to the way human eyes scan web pages. 1 is a popular patch image in glow red, 2 is the submit button with clear call to action message. 3 is back another patch image that is very popular on the website and 4 is the Get A Free Quote message on top of the form! Ready to be filled and your the F pattern is in full swing since after that the attention goes towards the offer in the middle.

The design also quickly engages visitors, giving them the information they need to make an assumption about the value of the page in less than 4 seconds. In less than 10 seconds, if a page doesn’t engage and connect the user, they will abandon the page (or bounce). With strategic business intelligence using data collected from key metrics, we were able to help Hero Patches drive conversions by 400 percent.